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My name is Lori. 
I am currently beginning the process of conversion to Judasim. 
I was raised as a Southern Baptist in Texas by loving grandparents, but no amount of love could make being Baptist fit me. I spent my childhood and early adulthood feeling as if I was wearing shoes that didn't fit.  Years of being very "unreligious" followed -- even that didn't feel right. I even tried throwing myself back into Christianity (in case bringing my adult sensibilities to the table might help). It didn't. I felt as if I was living in a perpetual crisis of faith. I wanted to believe, but didn't know how or what. I felt that there was a higherpower out there.... but didn't know how "to get there from here."
At a conference in Dallas, in an elevator, I happened to meet a woman who would eventually become one of my best friends, like the big sister I never had. She's Jewish. Through our hours of conversations and just time spent with her I could see how her Judaism was part of the very fabric of her life. Being Jewish wasn't something she did, it was something she was. It was more than simply lip service, or simply something she did on weekends. Her Judasim was every day.  I was more than intrigued. I felt drawn to exploring Judaism. 
Time has passed. I continue to study, to learn, to grow. I'm beginning the formal process of conversion. I still have a thousand, thousand questions (and hopefully, always will).... but, for perhaps the first time in my life, I feel as if I have shoes that fit.
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