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Halachic Conversion to Judaism

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Gerim is a community for people who are contemplating or actively pursuing halachic (in accordance with Jewish law) conversion, or are contemplating or in the process of becoming more observant. Example topics include halacha (kahrut, shabbat, tsnius, etc.), Israel, Torah, Jewish languages (Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino), and the conversion process. Find answers to your practical questions, like "how do I get my challah to rise?", and "why won't my rabbi return my phone calls?"

Members do not need to be Orthodox or otherwise traditional, but the community is geared towards a traditional, Torah-observant perspective. Jews of all denominations looking to discuss their religion from a traditional perspective are welcome, but issues specifically related to Reform or Reconstructionist Judaism are better addressed at other communities.

Jews for Jesus and neo-Nazis not welcome.

Your friendly neighborhood moderators are pester, frommy, and kolavon.