Aliya Rivka (aliyarivka) wrote in gerim,
Aliya Rivka

tough question


Please explain in detail, what or who brings you to Judaism?

I am having a rather hard time writing my answer to this question on my newest conversion application. The reason is, no one thing brought me to Judaism. The most honest answer I have is that G-d brought me to Judaism, but I'm afraid that if I say that they'll think I'm a crazy fanatic or something.

See, the thing is, it's kind of always been who I am. Even my mother can attest to that. I was a weird little kid - trying to get my family to observe Jewish customs before I even knew the word "Jew".

So, anyway, I'll figure out how to answer this question honestly without saying something that might scare the Beit Din, but I started getting curious about what brought other people to the decision they wanted to convert. Am I maybe not as strange as I think I am?
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